I realised in my haste to complete my very first blog post, I failed to tell you about Prudence.

Pru, as I like to refer to her, plays a massive role in my life currently, so it would be remiss of me not to introduce you to her.

She’s not my friend though, she’s actually my arch rival, and if this were a superhero movie, she’d be the baddie, cackling away in the background, plotting to bring me down in epic scenes of destruction.

You see Pru is constantly telling me I can’t, I shouldn’t, I’m not good enough.  All day, every day.  She’s the person holding me back from the awesome life I know I deserve with her negative bitching and bubble bursting comments.

Yes, people, I have an imaginary enemy.

She’s the self-sabotaging voice in my head.

OMG you’re thinking, she’s lost the plot!  Who has an imaginary enemy? Wi-erd!

Well, folks, I do.  And sadly she’s very much alive and kicking in my brain.  And I really am struggling to shut her up.

So, I’ve had to take action.  Enough is enough.  Pru well and truly needs to do one if I’m going to get out of this comfort zone.  I have therefore enlisted the help of a Life Coach.  In the super hero movie, she’d be the one who flies in with her kick-ass get up and saves the day, banishing the evil witch, Pru, forever.  Mwah-ha-haaaaa!!!  Well that’s what I’m hoping, anyway!  In reality, she’s going to give me the skills to say F**k Pru and I cannot wait!

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