It’s been a bit of a wobbly week for me this week and although this post was actually planned for Friday, I felt it was appropriate to post it today, as I need a kick up the wotsit to get back on track!  So, for those of you who follow my Sally Dreams Facebook page, I started a JFDI Friday feature a few weeks ago.  For anyone unfamiliar with the acronym JFDI, it stands for Just Do It (the F can stand for whatever you’d like 😊). It came about as Mr W was constantly telling me to JFDI every time I mithered over a decision.  I realised that sometimes even the seemingly smallest of decisions can feel huge when they involve change.  And as I embark on discovering my passions and putting my photography out there, I am having to JFDI on a regular basis and it’s scary.  So, I wanted to create a community of cheer leaders to celebrate those JFDI moments and encourage others to pursue theirs.  I was also inspired by a lady I had the fortune of meeting at a Boxercise class who epitomises the JFDI attitude and was actually the inspiration for this particular feature.  So, in conjunction with my JFDI Friday posts, I will be featuring and introducing JFDI Ambassadors to share their stories in the hope that it may inspire others to follow their hearts and JFDI.  So, without further a-do, it’s with great pleasure I introduce Becky Concannon of SWESH PT+

Hi Becky, for the benefit of the people reading this who don’t know you, tell us a little a bit about yourself?

I am 36 years old, been married for 11 years to Paul and together we have a mad pooch Raphy, two daughters, Maisie 7 and Dulcie 3, and we all live in a mad house in Kidderminster.

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So, prior to your current job, what did you do before?

I left college in 1998, unsure what to do for a career, so I applied for a job as an office junior in a local solicitors. 18 years later, making my way from one local firm to another, I worked in several departments working in many legal aspects of the law as a secretary. I spent 14 years with my previous firm spending my last 6 years in the probate and wills department.

So what lead you to JFDI and change your career path?

Having become a mummy to my two beautiful daughters, I reduced my hours to part time to keep some sort of a balance. As much as I enjoyed my time working in the legal world there was something missing. I didn’t have that satisfaction anymore. I felt I was just going to work to pay the bills and working in such a delicate area of the law where clients had lost loved ones, I felt I spent too much time on the computer and not utilising my best skill which is my bubbly, chatty self! I craved doing something that made people happy, achieve goals and have fun – is there really a job out there like that?  Finally, after much soul searching, many, many late night chats with Paul, and a Google search showing statistics about fitness in later life, all was becoming clear! Having radically changed my lifestyle personally by exercising more and adopting a healthier lifestyle I thought maybe, just maybe, I could do this as it appeared there was nothing out there like it!

So with the support from hubby and my work husband Russell Godfrey (the founder of SWESH PT personal and group training), I am now proud to be part of the SWESH team heading up SWESH PT+, delivering mobile fitness sessions to the older adult.

I handed my notice in April 2016 and, after much home study and assessments, I qualified at the end of  May 2016 … Me! A fitness instructor for the older adult!

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What was the most difficult part of making the change and how did you overcome that?

Being a boss to me! The self-discipline to make sure the advertising, session planning, appropriate client motivation is all done in hours not always during the usual 9-5 time frame is a tad testing. So although my sessions are during the day time, once the children are in bed my thoughts turn to music, moves and planning where I can fit new sessions in!

I’m spending most evenings listening to music, trawling through playlists of hits from over the decades and then, all of a sudden, bam…the music feels right and I’m up on my feet making a routine!

I’ve found myself down B&Q buying foam piping to use as a prop to help with perfecting techniques for exercises!

I don’t switch off, but when you’re so passionate about what you do, you can’t!

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Did you ever suffer self-doubt and, if so, do you think you have overcome that now? 

Self doubt is my ultimate weakness! I self doubt all the time but do you know what makes it go away?  Stepping out in front of my clients, delivering a session and the positive feedback I get.  After all my sessions we have a cuppa and chat (I promote a social side to all my sessions, giving clients an opportunity to make friends, have a chat and put the world to rights!) and when I get to hear my clients tell me about how they are progressing and doing things they haven’t been able to do for a while, it all eases away!

Only the other week at one of my classes, one of my clients said “Becky. Look!” as she raised her arms up just above her head.  She had tears in her eyes as, prior to coming to my classes, she couldn’t even lift her arms up to put a top on or do her own hair.

I feel so privileged to work with so many different groups of ladies and gentleman.  I also visit organisations who provide support and day centres for Dementia and Alzheimer’s, as well as care and residential homes. The sheer delight when you put music on and the room comes alive – we sing, laugh and workout and it’s just so rewarding.

I’m proud of each and every one of my clients.  They all have their own personal reasons why they come to my sessions and to see them each week, going that extra bit further or telling me something they’ve done during the week is fantastic.  Even sitting back during the social time and listening to them reminiscing and making friends, it’s just the best feeling ever.

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What’s been the best bit about going for it and making the change?

I’m learning so much about me! Don’t get me wrong, the learning curve of online business banking and upping my knowledge on social media has been challenging, but I’m learning about me again.  Firing up the Becky I once knew and discovering the inner girl power I have is great! I didn’t realise how much creativity I had and I feel there’s more to come!

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What would be your advice to other people who might be dreaming of making changes but don’t know where to start?

It’s natural to debate and waste hours of your life going over the what ifs, and also self doubting.  But you know what?  Wasting time doing that isn’t going to make your dreams come true so JFDI!!! Whether you plan it or just jump right out there this instance, you can do it …. believe in yourself, life really is too short! And lastly, enjoy the ride. I am and I can’t wait to see where it takes me!


Having visited a SWESH PT+ class to get some photos, I can assure you Becky really has found her true vocation and I am positive she will be keeping the older generation active for many years to come.

To find out more about Becky’s SWESH PT+ classes, visit www.sweshpt.co.uk or her Facebook page www.facebook.com/SWESHPTplus/