HAPPY BANK HOLIDAY!  Hope you’ve had a fab one.  Apols to those who have had the misfortune of working.  Our thoughts are with you.  My plan for today was to be super productive.  However, all good plans and that!  The most productive thing I have achieved is writing this blog post (albeit a bit lastminute.com) and a trip to the gym alongside a pub lunch, a Nanna nap and a cuddle with my friend’s very cute 1 year old in celebration of his birthday.  But that’s what bank holidays are for, right?  Anyhoo, back to the photo update.  If you’re a Lily fan, I’m afraid I’m going to have to disappoint this month as I didn’t manage to schedule in our monthly catch up 🙁  However, there has still been some fun shoots I can share instead so, without further a-do, here’s April :

First thing’s first, the month started with a cheeky visit to Ibiza.  Admittedly, I didn’t get the camera out much, other than when we visited the Sant Jordi flea market (translation : car boot sale) where I ate churros.  ‘Nuff said!


IMG_7096_edited IMG_7100_edited

Then came a very exciting job – my first ever product photoshoot.  In the name of art, I proper pushed myself outside of my comfort zone rocking up at Barnes Barber Shop in Stourport-On-Severn asking if they’d mind being the backdrop for the photos.  And how lucky was I that they were not only the nicest people you could meet, they even went one step further pulling a total stranger off the street to model!  We then commandeered some bearded fellas for some lifestyle photos in a local park.  However, I can’t deny I did feel slightly conspicuous in the dark at 9pm with an axe (long story!)….Nevertheless, proper chuffed with the results.  The photos are for a new range of beard combs made locally in the black country by the Hairy Bulls (follow them here on Instagram).  I will only share a few here to whet the appetite for all you beardy men out there, but I had proper fun getting these shots 🙂

IMG_7228_edited1 IMG_7123_edited1

IMG_7146_edited IMG_7221_edited1

I then finished the month celebrating the wedding of a very good friend in a little town called Königstein im Taunus, north west of Frankfurt.  Stunning in every way.  The sun shone, the setting was simply beautiful and we got to spend the weekend with special friends.  I was enjoying the day so much I only took a handful of photos.  Sign of a great day I say!  Perfect close to the month.

IMG_7302_edited IMG_7308_edited1

IMG_7342_edited1 IMG_7347_edited1

And that, my friends, was April.  A busy, fun month.  Looking forward to seeing what May brings – hopefully a bit more time for blog posting as I recognise I’ve been a bit slack these past few weeks.  In the meantime, if you’re interested in me taking photos for you, please complete the contact form on my website and we’ll get something sorted.