The iconic Benirrás beach is not only where Perry of Kevin and Perry fame, pooped in the sea, but is famous for the Sunday sunset drumming ritual which started back in August 1991 as an anti-war protest against the Gulf War in Iraq, becoming a huge, free, annual event, attracting thousands of hippies and peace-lovers from all over the World.  Sadly, due to health & safety, it had to end.  However, since then, a small group of drummers have continued to gather on the beach every Sunday to drum down the sunset, attracting huge crowds.  And what better way to experience it but from the sea.  In a kayak.  After Mr W did a sunset kayaking trip to Benirrás beach last year…..without me #sadface….I’ve been keen to experience it for myself.  Therefore, on my most recent visit to Ibiza with my sister, we decided to book up.  However, nothing is ever that simple with my sister and I and so it went a little like this:

  1. Leave booking said kayaking trip until the last minute despite having talked about it for weeks, if not months;
  2. Don’t bother reading all the confirmation e-mail, in favour of partying a Pikes the night before;
  3. Drive the half an hour trip to San Miguel beach with the fuel light flashing empty;
  4. Arrive in chosen outfit of denim shorts and t-shirt, and a bit of mascara for added measure……to find out the e-mail said to wear swimming things and bring dry clothes for after.  Oh!;
  5. To avoid said denim shorts and t-shirt getting wet, aboard the kayak in your (one and only lacy) bra and (beige) pants, with a life jacket to protect decency;
  6. Zig-zag along the coastline erratically as you can’t figure out how to steer said kayak…..despite your sister being a rower…..leading to a LOT of f-bombs, and everyone having to wait for you as they glide along effortlessly;
  7. Have a serious case of FOMO* when the other kayakers jump in for a snorkel so decide to throw caution to the wind and, in true primary school styley, do it in your pants and vest anyway trying to discreetly remove the life jacket whilst in the water (fail) with the plan of putting it back on in the sea before getting out again (massive fail);
  8. Clamber back up on to the kayak with the elegance of a hippo, beige pants and lacy bra visible to all and sundry;
  9. Manage to get kayak stuck on a rock and crash it several times;
  10. Spend entire trip with your sister’s white (grey) pants as your view with added shouts of “Sal, where are we going?” as the kayak goes off in the opposite direction to everyone else.  AGAIN!;
  11. Arrive at Benirrás to find out drummers are on strike, with the guide suggesting actually getting out on to the beach full of hundreds of people for a few minutes.  Errrrrr, NO!  No-one needs to see our underwear, thank you very much;
  12. Kayak back out to sea to watch the most perfect sunset I think I have ever witnessed.  With all thoughts of soggy pants and aching arms a distant memory….for half an hour at least;
  13. Zig-zag back to San Miguel, lamenting the fact you have “soggy pants and a salty face” (yes, I really did say that out loud!);
  14. Arrive at beach and try unsuccessfully to remove soggy underwear and get dressed, finding out the white t-shirt you chose to wear is actually see-through;
  15. Locate nearest petrol station – 5 miles away! – and send sister in to pay due to see-through t-shirt.  Despite the fact she has nothing more than a t-shirt and beach towel covering her modesty;
  16. Polish off whole family sized bag of Cheetos on the drive home, whilst laughing about the whole experience.

Despite the catalogue of errors, I had the best giggle I have had in years.  And the coastline of Ibiza is simply stunning.  So if you can master the kayaking…..and remember your swimming togs…..it really is well worth it.  Our guide Toby was great.

As for me, I have learnt some very valuable life lessons : always read the instructions and wear matching undies at all times 🙂

If you fancy the sunset kayaking trip, don’t let my account put you off.  You can book with Walking Ibiza

Cover photo courtesy of the Walking Ibiza Facebook page as ,fortunately, I left the proper camera at home!

*Fear Of Missing Out



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