This time last year, if someone had told me I’d be THE photographer at a wedding, I’d have quite literally laughed in their face.  Me?  Pfft.  I don’t think so.  Just the thought of the responsibility of capturing those memories would have had me break out in to a cold sweat!  That and the fact I had no faith in my own ability whatsoever.  Weddings should be left to the pros.  Fact.  However, fast forward 9 months and I only went and did it!  I only went and accepted my first wedding gig.  I still can’t quite believe it.  I still can’t quite believe someone even asked me, someone actually wanted me to take their very special photos.  That and the fact I actually had the balls to say yes.  Who is this Sally and what have you done with the old one??  But boy am I glad I accepted.  Despite my fears and Pru telling me that I was *probably* going to miss every important shot, that all of my photos would *probably* be out of focus, and that I would *probably* cry, I only went and blummin’ did it.  And I loved it.  Every.  Single.  Scary minute.  And guess what?  I captured those important bits.  With bells on.  And they were in focus (mostly!).  I obvs cried (standard!), but for all the right reasons.  Because I realised that I could do it after all even if I know I still have a long way to go.  So take that, Pru!

But enough about me.  This post is about sharing Rob and Sarah’s special day with you all.  A festival themed wedding planned to perfection in a matter of months.  Every last detail was thoughtfully put together: Sarah’s school children’s wellies acting as vases for the flowers on the tables and around the marquee; the photo booth in the form of the couple’s campervan; the 2 sets of family stepladders displaying memories and photos of special people; and the bunting and table runners made by hand from Rob’s late Grandfather’s textile pattern books, to name just a few.  Every last detail was just fab.  And, as if it couldn’t get any better, an afternoon tea, a hog roast and an ice-cream van.  ‘Nuff said!  So congratulations, Rob and Sarah.  Thank you so much for having faith in me and inviting me to be part of your day.  It was such a special day and one I will never, ever forget xx

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