So after last night’s Wave of Light and my Instagram post, I did wonder whether I should write a post about infertility today.  But then I thought, I’m in Ibiza, the sun’s shining and Mondays can be miserable enough as it is so I’ll save that cheery post for another time.  Instead I’ll celebrate my birthday eve by sharing my September photography escapades with you all which includes some very cute and photogenic kiddlywinks and my stunner of a sister-in-law 🙂

So first up, my jet-setting sister-in-law, Val, came to visit us in Ibiza, all the way from Los Angeles, darling 🙂  And she happily let me practise my portrait photography on her as she’s only gone and blummin’ hired me for her upcoming speaking gig in the UK.  YIKES!  Might have to switch it up from the just-hanging-at-the-bar shot here though – not sure it’s quite the vibe she’ll be going for, although she has been known to enjoy the odd tipple or two in her time 😉  Anyway, there’ll be a blog post about Val coming up v.soon so watch this space for that.

170909 Val-12

Then I got to finish the month with the lovely Harris family on a beautiful sunny day in Broadwaters.  Largest group to date – defo need to up my directing skills! – but had such a nice time capturing some great shots 🙂

Harris Family-21Harris Family-32Harris Family-10Harris Family-42Harris Family-54Harris Family-56Harris Family-64Harris Family-68

If you’d like me to take some photos for you, please complete the form on my Contact page and we’ll get something sorted 🙂  Please note my prices will be a-changing in 2018 as this gal will need to be earning a living so book now for 2017 if you want to make the most of my currently cheap-as-chips prices 🙂