First up, apologies.  I have been ever so slack on the ‘ole blog of late – I have been lost down the editing rabbit hole and have only just popped up for breath.  So whilst I collect my thoughts for some future witty but thought provoking content (no pressure), I thought I’d share my October shoots with you all as we are already in the middle of November after all.  Madness!

First up your monthly Lily fix with added autumnal colours.  Took her on a trip to the beautiful Brintons Park which is just awash with autumnal colours right now – perfect backdrop for some photos.  Hard to pick just a few but here are my faves:

Lily Autumn (web)-4Lily Autumn (web)-14Lily Autumn (web)-25Lily Autumn (web)-28Lily Autumn (web)-40

And then at the end of October, my sister-in-law, Val, was flown in from sunny LA to speak at the Crystal Lecture at the University of Wolverhampton giving me the opportunity of not only hearing her speak, but also practice my head shot photography.   I’m just going to share my favourite head shot photo in this post.  And that’s not because it’s the only shot I got (although it was touch and go as I was very distracted by her inspiring talk!), it’s because I am planning on writing a whole JFDI post dedicated to Val in the not too distant future so watch this space for that:

171025 - Val Wright Crystal Lecture (Web)-22

So that rounds up October.  If you’d to make the most of the autumn colours, get a perfect photo for those Christmas cards or simply upgrade your LinkedIn profile pic, get in touch via the form on my contact page – would love to hear from you.  I am also planning on selling Christmas gift vouchers so keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming offer on my Facebook page.

WARNING : my prices will be going up in 2018 due to having-to-earn-a-living requirements so you need to get in quick to make the most of my current prices 🙂