I’m not going to lie, I’m having a moment today.  I’m having a what-am-I-doing, where-do-I-start kinda moment.  Overwhelm has well and truly kicked in and Pru is here at my desk with me, larger than life.  And it’s strange because I had such a good week last week – 3 potential new clients, 2 blog posts, all fuelled by proper tasty Body Coach sustenance and a good dose of exercise.  But this morning, I struggled to get up.  Struggled to make a start.  Struggled to know what to do first.  My head feels thick.  I read it’s Blue Monday today so maybe that’s it.  Or maybe I scrolled for too long on Instagram and have fallen down the comparison rabbit hole.  Either way, this feeling needs to do one!  And pronto!

So I thought what better way to snap myself out it than to share 2 of the shoots I did in December where I reckon I took some of my best photos to date.  To remind myself (and Pru!) that I can do this!

First up, 8 day old Callie.  ALL the heart eye emojis required for this lil stunner.  The first shoot where I’ve experimented with newborn poses too with the help of Callie’s very artistic Nanny 🙂

Kidderminster Baby Photographer 002Kidderminster Newborn Photographer 001Kidderminster Newborn Photographer 002Kidderminster Newborn Photographer 003

Then a week later I got to photograph the lovely Avens family, celebrating their tiny new addition, Ophelia, who actually kept her eyes open for pretty much the whole shoot!  Spoilt for choice selecting photos to share from their shoot – they really are a very photogenic family.  Oh, and they had a kitchen of dreams providing the perfect photography studio.

Kidderminster Family Photographer 004Kidderminster Newborn Photographer 003Kidderminster Newborn Photographer 004Kidderminster Kid Photographer 001Kidderminster Family Photographer 002Kidderminster Family Photographer 005Kidderminster Family Photographer 001Kidderminster Children Photographer 001Kidderminster Family Photographer 003

Loved both these shoots.  A great reminder of why I’ve left the corporate world behind 🙂

So that rounds up December.  If you’d like some family photos, get in touch via the form on my contact page – I would love to hear from you x