So after last week’s post lamenting my lack of progress over the previous 2 weeks, this week I was determined to make up for it and find my mojo again.  If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that at the beginning of this year I took part in The Happiness Explorer 5 day New Year Kickstarter (NYKS) which was an exercise involving reflecting on lessons learnt in 2017, setting out a desire for 2018, identifying the motivation for the desire, exploring the strength already possessed to achieve it and finally the action required.  It was super motivating and really crystallised the year ahead so I thought, how can I garner more of that?  And it came to me.  Copy the hell out of the concept and do it weekly!  Simples!  Well, do a tweaked version of it anyway – I ain’t that much of a copycat.  Honest!  Anyhoo, I’m going to start weekly but may change it to monthly – we’ll see how it goes!  The aim will be to post other blogs on other days so panic not if you find this kinda thing yawnsome!

So this, readers, is week 1 where I will reflect on the previous week and then set my intentions / action plan for the week ahead (I know! Me? plan?  Who is this Sally and what have you done with the old, unorganised one?!).  So here goes:




Accountability Buddy

So if you read last week’s post, you’ll know Kate and I agreed to be accountability buddies to try and up our productivity levels.  The thought being, if we had to ‘fess up to a whole day spent watching Jeremy Kyle, we’d probs think twice.  And by jove, it worked!  We both pretty much achieved everything we said we would so *high five* to that.  Crazy how powerful it’s been to be honest.  The actual act of setting the intentions has been so successful I may even be starting to convert to list making!  Amazing what a relatively simple change has made though.  It’s really boosted me and I look forward to continuing with it next week.  Thanks, Kate 🙂



It’s no secret I love a bargain (I’m very much my Mother’s daughter), so when Creative Live sent me an offer for a whole month of total access at a very bargainous price, I jumped at it and have made a list as long as my arm of courses I want to do to make the most of it!  Probs being overly optimistic of how many I can complete but hey, I’m gonna do my best!  And I’ve made a pretty good start on the first course which is all about my camera so I’m pretty chuffed with that.  I also completed another module of my blogging course and, if you follow me on Facebook and/or Instagram, you’ll see I posted a link to a 5 question survey I’m carrying out to gain feedback on my blog.  Thanks so much to everyone who has taken the time to complete it – it’s been really helpful and has actually given me slightly more confidence writing this post as I’d been battling with the why-would-people-wanna-read-about-me-anyway anxiety.  But it seems those type of posts are the ones you’re liking the most so thanks for the heads up!  If you haven’t already completed the survey but would like to, I’d be very grateful.  You can complete it by clicking this HERE.


Photography project

I also mentioned in my previous post that I was going to set myself some personal photography projects to make sure I picked up my camera more often.  And I made a good start last week on the Colour Challenge.  The colour of the week was Blue and here’s my offerings if you missed them:



I have to say, wandering the streets of Kidderminster with my camera was slightly unnerving but it’s all good experience…..even if I did get a few strange looks!

I’ve also started the ball rolling with another exciting project so watch this space for that



Last week well and truly confirmed I have absolutely no willpower.  Zero!  Ziltch!  As you know, I have signed up to The Body Coach 90 Day Plan and, to be fair, have been sticking to it pretty well.  Cue coming down with the dreaded lurgy and boom.  4 days before the end of cycle one you will have found me at my local pub with a plate of glorious, tasty beige goodness (i.e. a big fat tuna melt baguette with ALL the chips), hoovering up leftovers of anyone in sight like I hadn’t been fed in weeks!  I was Out. Of. Control.  I went the whole hog and had pudding too.  A specially requested, off-menu bowl of bananas and custard because I just needed it in my life.  Fortunately the 9 mile run the day after did the trick and cleared up my stuffy nose so hopefully I can get back on track.  Although the pub has just launched a new menu this week, sooooooooo……..





Today I have been on more Google training (SPOILER : it was fab) so I can better understand how to maximise this lil website and my social media offerings to make sure peeps can find me when they’re looking for a photographer.  I also want to complete more of the Creative Live training – get the money’s worth and all that (obvs!) and complete the next module of my blogging course.

And in other exciting news, I have landed myself a summer job on the white isle.  And before you ask, no – not as an 18-30s rep.  I know, I know.  With my love of an early night and fleecy PJs, I’d be perfect for it but thought I’d leave those jobs for the yoof.  And although some might say I’m having a mid-life crisis, it’s not quite that bad.  Yet!  Lol!  No, I shall be going back to my teenage routes and teaching swimming for Ibiza Swim which I am very much looking forward to, and not just because I get to spend 10 whole weeks in Ibiza (YAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!), but because I used to LOVE my job as a swim teacher so it will be so, so good to get back in to it.  There are some downsides, however.  For one, Mr W won’t be out there for the whole 10 weeks with me *sob* and I won’t be able to take my beloved pet mogoid, Jack with me either 🙁  Oh, and there’s also the prospect that my “uniform” will be a bikini.  YIKES!  But it’s all about feeling the fear and doing it anyway so I’m sure it’ll be fantastic all the same.  Last week, however, I had a set back as I realised I’d need to upgrade my qualification prior to flying out which will cost me a fair few pennies.  But I shan’t let that deter me – I shall this week be scouring the web for all the courses I need and getting them booked.  BOOM!  Ibiza here I come!  And that means more Ibiza blog posts a-coming too.  Win/win!



I really, really want to update my website so it better reflects what I offer, especially on the photography front.  So I have been researching new web design options and working with The M Word on a new logo design and branding.  I shall most probably be seeking your opinions in the not too distant future before I make any decisions but, so far, the options are looking amaze so I am very excited about that.  I am therefore planning to focus on that more this week too.


Photography Projects

Firstly, I shall be all about taking photos of yellow stuff this week so watch my Instagram grid for that.  I also need to purchase a tripod in prep for my other project which I can’t wait to get started on too…..



I know this isn’t work related but I am weirdly excited by the fact my Pops has boarded out more of our loft so I can better organise it and I kinda can’t wait to get up there for a massive sort and declutter…..I think my morning lost down the YouTube rabbit hole watching Brummymummyof2 organise her understairs & kitchen cupboards (which I found strangely addictive), further motivated me to get cracking with it……I know, I know.  I’m weird!  And no, the YouTube binge wasn’t on the list of intentions I sent to Kate that particular day.  Shhhhhhhhhh!

Well that was quite the essay!  Well done if you made it to the end!  Fingers crossed this streak of productivity continues and I have some good stuff to report back next week.  In the meantime, share your reflections and actions below if you fancy it – let’s all be accountability buddies!  I can highly recommend 🙂