Blimey!  That week went by in a flash did it not?  Had hoped to knock out another blog post before now but missed the boat on that one I’m afraid.  So round 2 of my New Week Kickstarter it is:





So, as I mentioned last week, I did a couple more Google Digital Garage courses, this time in Birmingham.  Well, when I finally found the joint despite the fact it’s literally opposite Primark right in the centre of town!  But that’s another story!  Cannot recommend them highly enough – very, very interesting and useful when you’re starting out.  I did the Writing for Social Media and  Answering Questions with Data courses this time plus had some 1:1 Coaching.  Definitely given me some food for thought, just got to start implementing some of it now.

As for my Creative Live training, not done anywhere near as much of that as I would have hoped so #massivefail on that one 🙁

However, on a positive note, I have now booked on to both my ASA Level 2 Teacher course and the STA Safety Award for Teachers so I will be all qualified for my summer job in Ibiza (although shall now be living off bread and butter in the meantime to pay for it!  Lol!).  I also contacted a few local swim schools in the hope of getting some teaching work in the UK before I head out to Ibiza in July and had my first trial session with Aqua Jems on Sunday which just reaffirmed how excited I am to be getting back in the pool and teaching again 🙂

And finally, I’ve fallen a module behind on my blogging course but that is primarily because I have made the decision to prioritise my photography at the moment given that’s what’s going to pay the bills right now (minor point!).



Updating this website has been on my to-do list since before I left my job at Christmas.  I have hesitated to promote my photography on a large scale as a result as I want to make sure my website is a true reflection of my brand and work given it’s currently more  focussed on the blog and therefore isn’t very clear about what I offer photography-wise etc.  I absolutely don’t want to lose my blog but I need to find a way of making the website work for both the photography and the blog.  And I guess I’ve been procrastinating a bit when it comes to moving it forward, partly due to having not nailed down my brand and partly due to the technical skills required to achieve it.  But this past week I have made a massive move forward both in terms of deciding on my branding concept and finally purchasing the tools I need to redesign the website so I am now quite excited to get moving with it.  And the logo designs I have had back from The M Word are amaze – can’t wait to share!



Another week, another colour in the Colour Lovers project I am taking part in.  This past week the colour was yellow.  Fallen short with only 5 of the 7 photos required though (plus all but 1 of the 4 photos I actually took this past week were taken on my phone which kinda defeats the point as the idea of taking part was so it made me pick up my camera more.  Ooops!)……buuuuuut it’s definitely great for challenging my creativity so I am going to stick with it over the coming weeks.  If you missed my efforts on Instagram/Facebook this past week, here they are:

I have also made a start on the other project I alluded to last week so I’m also pleased with that.  The tripod is now purchased too so should be able to move that forward a bit more over the coming weeks.





So this week I am hoping to make massive strides forward in my new website redesign which will likely take up most of my time given I’m a tech novice.  Eeeeekk!!  I actually only have until 15th March to get it done due to some technical WordPress stuff (won’t bore you with the details), so it’s all systems go………cue a few f-bombs, no doubt, as I battle with all the technical shizzle!



This week I shall mostly be taking photos of red stuff for the Colour Lovers project.  Hoping to be a bit more creative than last week with it so keep an eye on my Instagram and Facebook pages for daily updates.

Secondly, I am going to make a concerted effort to actually promote my photography, despite my website not being where I want it to be (which has been my excuse so far).  Nothing like an unexpected bill appearing to focus the mind, eh?  (I’m looking at you, ASA Teacher course, you expensive little devil!).  Plus the less I am taking photos, the more my self doubt kicks in so I need to nip that in the bud pretty sharpish too!



I’m putting it in writing, peeps, that I will publish one more blog post this week.  I have actually started another book review post having just finished my current read so hopefully I can get my arse in to gear and get that published, plus I have another idea for a post after a film I went to see so there’s stuff in the pipeline which is a good start in my books.


And I think that just about sums it up for this instalment.  How’s your week been?