So this week’s instalment of the New Week Kickstarter comes to you from Ibiza and the photo above is my current view as I type this.  Not too shabby, eh?  Although, not going to lie, our apartment is akin to a freezer at the mo so I am sat in about 27 layers trying to keep warm – not quite the flip flop wearing weather I’d hoped for but loving it all the same 🙂  So on with the important stuff….





So this week I have smashed the Creative Live training by completing one course and getting over half way through another which I mainly did from my bed yesterday as it was a pretty grey day here and bed was the warmest place to be!  Muchos improvement on last week so thumbs up on this one 🙂



I did it.  I posted twice in one week.  Didn’t think I was going to make it but Ibiza came to the rescue and my creative juices started flowing which saw me restart, complete and publish yesterday’s blog post #winning!  Thanks for all your lovely comments on Facebook about it – your feedback means a lot.



Firstly, as intended per my action plan last week, I put together a promotional flyer for my photography and oh my!  I did not expect quite the reaction!  Why did I not do it sooner???  At the time of writing this, my Facebook post has reached 6445 feeds (for context, most of my posts are lucky to reach 1000, especially now Facebook’s algorithm has changed), been shared 33 times (thank you, thank you, thank you) and I’ve had some enquiries off it already, including actual confirmed bookings!  Woohoo!  Special thanks goes to the Avens families whose photogenic faces are clearly pulling in the crowds 🙂  Still plenty of availability if you’re thinking of booking – just complete the form on my Contact page.

Limited Offer Feb 2018

In other photography news, last week’s Colour Lovers Challenge colour of the week was red and I have to say, I’m pretty chuffed with my efforts as I think I managed a bit more creativity in the photos.  And I even got out the new tripod in Barcelona airport and tested out a slow shutter speed shot with the very patient, Mr W:

Social Media

Don’t know about you but I’m a blummin’ nightmare for whiling away far too many hours on social media – it’s a procrastinator’s dream!  So this past week I turned off all the notifications on my phone and no longer have the Facebook tab open on my laptop and it’s made a huuuuuuge difference to my concentration and productivity levels so I’d highly recommend!





This week’s Colour Lovers Challenge colour is green so I shall be keeping my eyes peeled across Ibiza for suitable shots.  You can follow my progress on my Instagram and/or Facebook pages.  Other than that, might try some self portraits with my new tripod for my new website and for Ibiza Swim.



After finally purchasing the tools to update my website, I couldn’t get it to work initially (cue a lot of huffing and puffing!).  However, turned out to be nothing more than pilot error (spot the tech novice over here!) so it’s all systems go on operation rebrand.  Had loads of ideas over the past week so looking forward to hopefully turning them in to a reality on the new site if my technical skills can cope!  I have a deadline of 15th March to get it all done so as not to incur unnecessary extra fees so wish me luck!



My Creative Live subscription offer ends 28th February so, in between web designing, I shall mostly be ploughing through as many courses as humanly possible!  They’re really inspiring and helping to keep my self doubt at bay as I take on more and more knowledge so win/win!



I shall also be enjoying this beautiful island as much as possible, testing out my newfound Spanish skills (una sangria, por favor!), and meeting up with one of the Ibiza Swim team to craft my bio for the website so it’ll all be official.  YIKES!  I also have to provide a photo so may also test out my self portrait skills whilst here on the white isle although I’m currently looking less Ibiza, more Casper the ghost in a hoodie :-/   However, excitingly, I have received news that my first lessons have been booked in for the summer – CANNOT WAIT!


Think that just about sums up last week.  How did your week go?