Hola, amigos!  How are you all diddling on this rather chilly Monday?  Brrrrr!  Today’s post comes from Kidderminster this week – not quite as exotic as last week’s but it’s nice to be back in a centrally heated apartment in just the 2 layers of clothing, accompanied by my work buddy, Jack the cat (who is randomly licking an unlit candle on my desk as we speak) 🙂  Anyway, I may have been on foreign shores last week but that didn’t stop me from getting shizzle done so without further ado, here’s the low down:





Knocked this out of the park last week!  2 Creative Live courses and 1 YouTube web design tutorial DONE!  Cue my mind working in overdrive due to all the newfound knowledge and subsequent ideas – I am factually dreaming about it all!  It’s got me feeling so motivated and raring to go, albeit my impatience to have it done and finished is meaning I am struggling to switch off.  It’s like my mind works at double the speed I can which I find ever so frustrating!  But the Creative Live training sessions have got me proper excited for my upcoming family and newborn sessions in March.  I may not sleep between now and then, mind, but minor point!



As the weather was a bit pants in Ibiza whilst we were there I didn’t really get the camera out as much as I’d have liked unfortunately and the self portraits went totally out the window as I spent the majority of the week dressed in fleecy PJ bottoms and an emergency purchased oversized sweatshirt atop approx. 7 other layers.  So, needless to say, I wasn’t quite camera ready.  Lol!  Although the cover shot for this blog post was actually taken by Mr W on one of the rare sunny days we did get.  Can you spot me?

I did complete the Colour Lovers Green week project and ahead of my usual lastminute.com schedule (i.e. within the actual 7 days!).  This past week saw me shoehorn in a glass of sangria plus a few animals:


Aside from the weather, I never fail to enjoy a trip to the white isle.  I can’t explain it but it just has such an energy and I come over all inspired and productive when I’m there.  My Option B blog post was just a few boring sentences long when I arrived but it didn’t take long for the inspiration to come and I rewrote it in no time making it by far the most popular blog post I have published this year.  Your response to it had me feeling all warm and fuzzy inside so thanks.  It reminded me just why I love writing – to connect to people.  So yeah, Ibiza is just amaze and I am excited for the summer and a whole 10 weeks of inspiration!


Body Coach 90 Day Plan

Following on from my post about starting the Body Coach 90 Day Plan, I realise I’ve not updated you all as to my progress.  If you follow my Instagram Stories, you’ll see I have been posting what I’ve been eating there with my verdicts.  So far, so good.  The food is delicious and plentiful so that makes me happy 🙂  I technically started week 2 of cycle 2 last week but, with being in Ibiza and the call of Jamon Ruffles and Sangria ringing way too loudly around the old earlobes, I’m redoing it this week.  However, I will say that during our 9 days on Ibiza, we only ate out 3 times and all bar a couple of other non-Body Coach meals, I did cook from the plan so I was pretty chuffed with that.  It was just the crisps and Milka chocolate in between that kinda threw a spanner in the works.  And not exercising, other than a few walks in between the rain storms, as my gym kit out there isn’t equipped for the temps we faced.  That’s my excuse anyway, and I’m sticking to it 😉  So I’m going to redo week 2 this coming week to get back on track.  And hopefully make it to the gym (assuming I don’t get snowed in of course!).





First up, it’s the last week of the Colour Lovers Project, finishing with one of my fave colours, PINK!  However, if we have the snow that’s forecast, could be a challenge finding pink stuff so it’s a good job I own plenty of inanimate pink objects to fall back on!  As usual, I shall be posting my photos on my Instagram and Facebook pages so follow along there if you so wish 🙂

Secondly, and excitingly, I have 3 photo shoots booked this week – one of which I did this morning and is part of the second project I’ve alluded to.  And it was ACE and very much needed today as, I won’t lie, getting out of bed this morning was a challenge.  Anyway, watch this space for that.  I then have my first newborn and family sessions of the year booked in this weekend coming which I am so excited for after having done the extra training.  Eeeeekkkkkk!

And finally, after completing the training, I now know how best to plan for upcoming sessions.  I shall therefore be putting together various client literature and questionnaires this week to help fine tune the process leading up to sessions which I hope will not only help me get the very best photos at each and every session, but also help families feel more at ease and prepared for the sessions too.



As I mentioned last week, I have a 15th March deadline to get my new website completed and having now found some great resources on YouTube and further insight gained from the training I have completed, I am excited to move forward with that this week too.


So that should keep me pretty busy this week and it’s all very exciting if I do say so myself 🙂  How’s your week been?  Got any exciting plans for the week ahead?


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