Another week, another kickstarter post and this past week was definitely a tale of 3 parts!





Last week saw me teach my first swimming lessons!  I was called in to cover a holiday and, despite a nervous start, I got in to the rhythm of it again and am looking forward to a regular Sunday morning slot until I go to Ibiza 🙂



In last week’s post I set myself the action of putting together paperwork for clients that would help prepare everyone for my photo sessions and I am very pleased to say I managed to get it all done in just one day.  I was a girl on a mission, fuelled by the fact I had 2 photoshoots planned for the weekend and wanted to have sent them the paperwork beforehand.  Classic last minute Sally right there – give me a deadline and I rise to the challenge. Sadly one of the photo shoots didn’t end up happening but the one that did?  OMG.  A-mazing!  I enjoyed every second.  Lovely, lovely family and the universe was on my side again, providing the best natural lighting I could have asked for, helped by the snow!  I know – who knew snow could help as well as balls up most plans known to man!  And, again, I can already see the impact those courses have had on my work as, I know I say it every time, but I reckon they are the best photos I have ever taken!  I just hope the clients agree #fingerscrossed!

On another photography note, completely flunked the final week of the Colour Lovers Project 🙁  I posted 2 pink photos!  And I’d taken them both the week before in Ibiza, one on Mr W’s iPhone!  See my 2 efforts below.  I plan to have another attempt this week so keep your eyes open for that!


So the beginning and end of my week went really well as a result of my photography achievements.  The middle, however, was pretty shocking!  And I actually blame the weather…..plus a moment of weakness!  Wednesday night I was all set to go to my usual Thursday morning 6am Crossfit session which always sets me up for a productive day.  However, on the Wednesday evening, one of my Thursday morning workout buddies pointed out the temp in her car was -6 so she was cancelling and then playing it by ear in the morning as the gym does not have heating and the equipment feels like it’s made of ice when it’s super cold at that time of the morning (I know, I know – didums!).  So, thinking this was a sensible idea given the weather forecast, I too cancelled with the intention of checking the weather situ in the morning.  Except at 5:30am in the morning my decision making skills are slightly hampered by the warmth of my cozy bed so, despite there being not a scrap of snow or even ice on my windscreen, I didn’t make it telling myself the carpark there would *probably* be too icy for my impractical car. BIG MISTAKE!  That decision set me up for a pretty terrible Thursday as that was the day I’d decided to research other websites for ideas….cue a massive case of Imposter Syndrome 🙁  AWFUL!!  I think coupled with the fact I had my first sessions of the year booked at the weekend, my anxiety hit an all time high!  My tummy felt like I was about to board a rollercoaster, anticipating the drop.  Throw in some lady hormones and well, poor Mr W!  So, later that afternoon after a lot of moping around, I decided to turn to the only person I knew could help me – Mel Robbins!  If you follow me on Facebook you may have picked up I’m a fan as I often share her stuff.  Anyway, My Creative Live subscription was still active and I remembered she had a course on there – How to Break the Habit of Self-Doubt and Build Real Confidence – and OMG it was literally written for me.  BRILLIANT and just what I needed.  I stayed up until 1:30am on Friday morning to complete it, worried my Creative Live subscription would end at any moment (which incidentally, it had when I looked again later on the Friday.  Phew!)  In the words of Gabrielle Bernstein, the Universe clearly had my back!  I plan on writing a blog post about what the course taught me at some point – probably once I have also read her book* – so watch this space for that. So, in summary, you won’t be surprised to hear I made pretty much zero progress on my website last week other than having a little cry about it 🙁





No surprise, but top of the pops this week has to be my website as my 15th March deadline is getting a bit too close for comfort!  I am hoping to finalise the branding the early part of the week so that should give me the boost I need to get cracking.  And Imposter Syndrome can DO ONE this week.  Not got time for it!



As I mentioned above, I am going to attempt to complete the Colour Lovers project pink week this week – you can follow my progress on my Facebook and/or Instagram pages.  I also have another of my secret squirrel project photo shoots scheduled in too 🙂

I am hoping your week was slightly less erratic than mine.  Let me know in the comments what you’ve been up to and how you overcome self doubt 🙂

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