Happy Monday, kids!  That week flew by didn’t it?!  And it’s May tomorrow.  How did that happen?  So, I’m sure you’re dying to hear what I’ve been up to this last week – I mean I am guessing it’s the highlight of your week, no?


Slightly different reflection this week – more of a personal epiphany.  And it’s a big one, peeps : I fell out of love with my baggy, mishapen, tracksuit bottoms this week.  I’ve basically lived in them for the past 4 months – complete with a very attractive hole – more often than not accompanied with a hoody and/or my dressing gown (I know!  The glamour never ends at Sally Dreams HQ!  Lol!).  However, this week, on the rare occasion I actually left the house in something other than the trackers, I caught sight of myself in the Matalan changing room mirror and just felt really sad about what I saw.  I looked tired, my hair limp and the mascara I’d actually managed to apply was slightly smudged.  The jeans I was wearing I really should have stopped wearing years ago due to how faded and worn they looked and, in that moment, I did not feel good about myself at all.  In that moment in Matalan I thought about Angel off Escape to The Chateau, renovating dusty and dingy rooms in her chateau, complete with red lipstick and victory rolls in her hair, and thought I need to start showing up for myself.  I need to start wearing clothes because they bring me joy and make me feel good, not just because they are functional and comfortable – where’s the fun in that?  And, although I agree there is very much a time for tracksuit bottoms and dressing gowns, when you wear them every single day?  It does nothing for your self esteem which, as an aside, isn’t exactly at an all time high when you start a business, putting yourself out there, often to the sound of crickets…..  So yeah, this week bought up a lot of feelings.  Damn you, Matalan mirror!

On a positive note, all bar one meal out on Saturday night and a couple of hot chocolates with a friend, I stuck to the Body Coach plan, exercise quota and all, so feel pleased to be back on track with that.  I didn’t even indulge in any Aldi Peanut Butter domes and managed to resist a table of treats at a birthday party so that is defo progress, my friends 🙂



I am aiming to have another photography update post out this week for your enjoyment and Mr W and I are planning some Ibiza adventures for our trip next week which will hopefully feature in the blog at some point too.


In light of my above reflection, I am planning a massive wardrobe sort out as I feel I need a clothes cleanse in a bid to start enjoying clothes.  As you will know if you read this old blog post I wrote about shopping, I’ve never been massively in to shopping or clothes, but I think part of that is that I always think glamour is for other people.  The people of Instagram and/or those people who have all the money to spend on clothes.   But I realise that’s just BS and so I am determined to start enjoying clothes more and maybe even experimenting with my style a bit……but first, gotta make room in the wardrobes…..oh, and earn money to pay for some new threads (minor point!),  So I think the reality is, the tracksuit bottoms won’t be going anywhere any time soon – I’ll just be trading them in for my swimming costume in Ibiza in the medium term at the very least – but I am committed to making more effort for myself for sure.

Life Cleanse

Last week you may have seen me share a post on Facebook about an online programme my coach, Lydia, started on Saturday.  It’s a 7 Day Life Cleanse which, in Lydia’s own words,unclogs your heart, mind and soul so that you can find the clarity, direction and focus you need, to re-emerge more empowered, fulfilled and inspired, ready to make way for a new and exciting path in your life.”  So I’ve signed up as I feel now is a good time to check in with myself and revaluate where I am right now and where I’m heading as I definitely feel like I’ve run out of steam a bit of late and am lacking clarity and focus so hopefully it’ll be the boost I need.  I’ll update you next week with my progress 🙂


Think that’s it for this week’s instalment.  Let me know how your week’s been in the comments – would love to hear from you 🙂