Hola, amigos!  I am back from the sunny (if not a little windy) white isle and how nice is this weather?!!  I’m on dog walking duties for my sister’s little pooch, Bobs, this week as his usual walkers (i.e. the parentals) are now enjoying some Ibiza sun – we tag teamed them at the airport.  I have to say, I very much enjoyed my little pootle down the River Severn with him this lunchtime.  And that’s in spite of the obligatory poop scooping.  I even treated myself to an ice cream (notice I refrained from using the term Mr Whippy given the previous sentence!  Lol!).  Now that’s a winning Monday lunchtime for sure!  Anyhoo, time to get back to it and set myself some actions for the week ahead.  But first up, it’s reflection time:


As I mentioned in my last Kickstarter post, I signed up for Lydia’s 7 Day Life Cleanse and completed that the week prior to jetting out to Ibiza.  I have to say, I was very much in need of it and found it extremely useful in resetting my intentions and gaining an even deeper understanding of my self-sabotaging ways.  The cleanse included some great resources plus daily live, interactive webinars with Lydia.  It was also invaluable being part of an online Facebook community filled with like minded ladies going through the same challenges, at the same time.  Although I obviously can’t speak from experience, I imagine it’s much like joining an NCT group when you’ve had a baby.  Surrounding yourself with new Mums, going through the early stages of motherhood, at the same, sleep-deprived time must be a real life line.  And I’m starting to learn how being part of such a community is so important and helpful.  Because, I’m not going to lie, I’ve been finding it tough recently, this whole new life I’m navigating.  Although please don’t misunderstand me, I am not writing this with the expectation you’ll all get the violins out for me – after all, I’ve chosen this new life – but it is important to say, it’s not all long lunches and girl bossing it all over the shop like it might seem if Facebook and Instagram are anything to go by.  It’s blummin’ hard work.  And not just because you don’t get that salary landing in your bank account at the end of every month as thanks for all the hours you’ve put in.  But because, all of a sudden, you get to find out who you really are – warts and all – and it ain’t always pretty.  Especially when adorned in the faithful, hole-y tracksuit bottoms!  But that’s a whoooooooooollllllllle other story so I won’t go in to that in this post as I could probably fill a whole post lamenting my shortcomings!  Anyway, part of the Life Cleanse involved revisiting my ideal day and it was suggested a vision board might help to keep up the motivation when it’s got up and done one.  I’ve often toyed with the idea of doing one but never got round to it so I made good use of the stash of magazines I’d built up in Ibiza and – voila – my vision board was born (see image header).  I have to say, I rather enjoyed creating it!  Just got to hope it does the trick and helps keep me on track.


Mastermind Group

As I mentioned above, being part of the Life Cleanse online Facebook community was really uplifting and helpful and, along with reading a recent Facebook post by my current inspiration, Jasmine Star, about the Mastermind group she is part of, I feel inspired to create or become part of a group of likeminded female entrepreneurs to share the trials and tribulations of self employment with, providing support and encouragement to help everyone achieve their true potential.  I mean, I’m no Mastermind (unless we’re talking food then, hello, I’m your gal!), but I believe with the right support network, we all have a useful skill we can bring to the table…and yes, mine would likely involve the food, but that’s important too, no?!  Joking aside, I don’t think you realise the power of work colleagues and bosses until you no longer have them around to talk to/bitch with/cry with (that last one is probs just me though!), so I need to create my own work tribe.  So if you’re reading this blog post, are based in the Midlands and would like to be part of something similar, please get in touch as would love to hear from you 🙂  And I’ll try not to cry…….fingers crossed!

The Path Of Least Resistance

Step 3 of the Life Cleanse involved breaking down every little task required to get to the goal set in step one into teeny, tiny manageable tasks so it becomes less overwhelming.  I’ve yet to map this out – I think I’m fearful of how overwhelming I may find it as I currently have that tight feeling in my throat… you know the one, like when you’re nervous.  And it’s because my head is whirring with all the things I need/want/should/shouldn’t/can’t do.  Urgh!  But I know I need to rip off the proverbial plaster and crack on with it so I stop thinking too far ahead and focus on the small achievable steps I can take right now to move me closer to my end vision.  Let’s just say, I predict tears with this one.  Lol!

Daily habits

Another nugget inspired by the Life Cleanse = determining healthy daily habits.  And I’m not just talking about removing the family sized bar of Dairy Milk from the fridge.  I mean looking at how I spend my time and making sure what I do is in mine and my business’ best interests, to help me be a better version of myself and to ensure my business achieves it’s true potential.  So that might mean swapping the endless, mindless scrolling through social media for reading a Jasmine Star blog post or a chapter of an inspiring book every day.  Or making sure I go for a walk and get some fresh air to clear my mind.  So I plan on coming up with my new daily habits this week which I hope will also help with decluttering my tiny brain!


I have a couple of Ibiza blog posts up my sleeve following on from our recent visit so keep your peepers peeled for those (yet to be written!) posts.  I also have some photo sessions still to share so no shortage of content coming your way in the not too distant future, you lucky, lucky people 🙂

Think that just about wraps up this week’s instalment of the New Week Kickstarter.  Although, reading it back, I think this week I should have named it New Week Kick-Up-The-Backside Starter as think I’m in need of one!  Lol!  Until next time, have a great week 🙂