Another week, another Kickstarter post.  Hope you’ve all had a lovely week and are all feeling raring to go for the week ahead.  So far so good for me.  Cracked all my chores today, including submitting my 17/18 tax return (go me!), submitting utility readings ON TIME, food shopping, and getting my Dad’s car to the garage whilst he’s on holiday. BOOM!  Don’t let anyone tell you this self employment business is not all rock’n’roll!


Life Cleanse Actions

In last week’s post, I set myself the action of determining some healthy daily habits to help ensure I maximise both mine and my business’ potential.  So over the last week I paid closer attention to how I felt and what was different when I was having a good day to when I felt lacking in motivation to work out what I need to say yes to more!  I’ve set out the new habits I intend to adopt as a result in the action section below.  As well as the daily habits, I also worked on my Path of Least Resistance, breaking down all the tasks I believe I need to do to move my business forward.  Sheesh – it’s quite the list!  But it was useful writing it all down and taking the time to really think about it.  I’ve not quite finished it yet but it’s definitely helped just getting it all out of my head!


After starting the week feeling overwhelmed, it all evaporated after completing the editing of a family session on Tuesday (which I shared HERE if you missed it) and photographing a lovely family in Sheffield on Wednesday.  Really reminded me why I took the leap and left the day job.  It’s so easy to get bogged down in the admin and peripheral stuff but all the doubts disappeared and left me feeling really motivated to crack on with making a success of this lil old business I’ve started.  I get so much joy out of delivering beautiful images for families to cherish, however cheesy that might sound.  When I’m editing and see I’ve captured a moment, a connection……there really is no better feeling.  So yeah, I’m ready for all the challenges so I can continue taking photos of more lovely people.


Daily Habits

So, as mentioned above, I’ve recognised what I need to do daily to help keep me on track and keep Pru at bay:

  1. Don’t look at my phone for the first 2 hours after getting up.  I noticed that on the days I started my day at the gym and therefore didn’t look at my phone for at least 2 hours after getting up, I started my day with a much clearer mind.  I also noticed when I’ve had a social media scrolling session, my head just feels full.  Not sure what of, but it’s like it’s killed off my brain cells a bit.  And, as I follow a lot of photographers, I think maybe comparison then plays a part and I start the day already feeling inadequate.
  2. Exercise every day, preferably early doors.  The 3 days I exercise at 6am are the days I am by far the most productive.  I guess it’s a mixture of the endorphins along with the above point that I don’t look at my phone so soon after waking up and that by 9am I am fully awake and ready to take on the day.  I therefore plan to continue the 3 early mornings and make sure I go for a walk every day as a minimum.  This past week I’ve walked my sister’s pooch pretty much every day so that’s made sure I get some fresh air and a break from my desk which I think is also important.  I’ve also boshed an ice cream which is certainly an added pick-me-up!
  3. Watch or read something inspiring every day.  On Wednesday I went up to Sheffield for the day for a lovely family photoshoot so was in the car for around 5 hours.  As a result, I downloaded 5 podcast interviews with Jasmine Star and listened to those as I pootled up and down the motorway which I found super motivating and energising  It made me realise the power they have on my mindset.  They just make me feel like I can achieve anything whether that be due some educational content or simply because they remind me that even the most successful people had to start somewhere and have the same struggles as us all.

So I’m starting these new habits this week starting with my 6am Crossfit session tomorrow.  Boom!

The RHS Chelsea Flower Show

In a major pinch-me moment, tomorrow I shall be heading to London to The RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2018, complete with press pass!!!  My lovely client, Amelie Design, invited me along to take photos of their stand (and any celebs I might spot too, obvs!).  Still can’t quite believe it!  Have been following their Instagram posts today and it’s just made me even more excited although, having seen a photograph of one the Directors of Amelie Design, Sally, (in a fabulous frock, I might add), accompanied by Bill Nighy, I did have a panic I’d missed press day and should have been there today #massivesinkingfeeling.  Fortunately, she reassured me that tomorrow is my day so PHEW to that.  Imagine?!  Anyhoo, shall update you all next week with how that went and will likely be posting some Instagram Stories throughout the day which will hopefully include some (probs embarrassing) selfies with celebs, fingers crossed, so keep your eyes peeled for those.

So, what with the editing the show will no doubt generate, along with another couple of sessions I still have to complete, I think that’ll keep me pretty busy this week!  Hope you have a great week 🙂