8I seem to have started my previous few posts with an apology for not having blogged in a while.  So I won’t this time.  We’ll just pretend it hasn’t been yonks since I last wrote.  Deal?  Instead I’ll start with OMG!! HOW IS IT ALREADY DECEMBER?  I am currently writing this whilst listening (and attempting to sing-a-long….badly) to my fave Christmas album – Mariah Carey’s Merry Christmas – and internally panicking that I am nowhere near finished with my Christmas shopping.  I am hoping I am not alone!

Therefore, on the theme of being a little behind in life right now, I thought it was time I shared a selection of photos from the Autumn mini sessions I did back in October!

Despite the sessions only being 20 minutes in length, I managed to get loads of amazing shots which I have struggled to narrow down #sorrynotsorry!  In fact, I had such a fab morning that I am thinking of making mini sessions a permanent fixture in the Sally Dreams repertoire so watch this space.  In the meantime, introducing my Autumn 2018 superstars……   

First up, Ethan who brightened up my morning no end with his fab yellow coat, beaming smile and super cute baby brother, Evan.

Next up Joshua and Jacob with their boundless energy, running and climbing trees .  I can still hear their laughter when I look at these photos.  I had to act quick to get photos of them sat still!  Such fun!

Then came sisters Ruby & the very aptly named, Autumn with her cheeky little smile.  Adorable!  

It was also an absolute pleasure to photograph Annabelle and Colby for the third time.  LOTS of jumping in leaves ensued making for some fab photos.

Now there’s that age old saying “Never work with children & animals” but I beg to disagree as I had such a lovely time with Liam, George, Daisy and their pooch, Nell.  I even got them all looking to camera AT THE SAME TIME!

And finally Lucas who we fortunately convinced that walking in the ford was probs not a great idea unless he wanted soggy socks!  He also managed to bring a tear to my eye when he called me back for a hug when I said goodbye.  Heart. Melted!  

And then, following on from my Saturday morning of mini sessions, I got to photograph Rosie & Charlie after their very generous parents bid on a Sally Dreams photo session at a charity ball.  Autumn colours galore and lots of playing in the leaves led to some beautiful Mummy & me shots.  Aaaaalllllll the heart eyed emojis!

So there we have it – my very first set of Autumn mini sessions which I can wholeheartedly say I enjoyed immensely even if I couldn’t feel my fingers or toes by the end!  

Watch this space for details of upcoming 2019 mini sessions…….