Photo Update – May 2017

Hello summer!  It appears the sun has finally got his hat on (hip, hip, hip hooray.....sorry, couldn't resist!) although I do have quite the bead on as a result as it's (as us Brits love to bemoan) a bit sticky to say the least!  However, shouldn't complain, we should...

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Photo Update – April 2017

HAPPY BANK HOLIDAY!  Hope you've had a fab one.  Apols to those who have had the misfortune of working.  Our thoughts are with you.  My plan for today was to be super productive.  However, all good plans and that!  The most productive thing I have achieved is writing...

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Photo Update – March 2017

Well, hello April and goodbye March.  Sheesh!  How did that happen?  Seems to have gone by in the blink of an eye!  However, I am loving the appearance of blue skies and blossom and the promise of summer on the doorstep.  It also means it’s time for the monthly photo...

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Photo Update – January & February 2017

So, following on from last week’s struggle and the bout of but-i-can’t-do-it-itis, I am back on it people.  I have found my mojo again.  I am on top of my shit to the point I already had a post written for this week off the back of something I saw about International...

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