Blowing my own trumpet is something I struggle with but I’ve been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to take photos of some amazing people in the past so I’ll let them blow my trumpet for me #stopityouaremakingmeblush

Sally has been part of our Mastermind programme for some time, and has more recently become the resident photographer for our Expert Empires events. Not only does she create impactful and classy images, but also ‘gets’ the energy of the event, and me as a client. I’d definitely recommend Sally for event photography and for your personal branding shots.

Nick James

Solihull, UK, Seriously Fun Business & Expert Empires

Working with Sally was a wonderful experience. Aside from the fact that she is uber professional and organised, on the day itself she was super easy-going, accommodating, funny and a pleasure to be with. So important when you want to get great pics of yourself and yet you are not (and cannot be) in complete control of the outcome. You have to trust and relax and she is perfect for it. Highly recommend anyone professional to get their pics done by Sally.

Dessy Tsolova

London, UK, http://www.fashioninsiders.co/

Sally is an amazing photographer who made a very camera shy me feel comfortable in-front of the camera. Not only did she takes some great photos of me to use for my personal profile but she also covered our whole large scale dance event at Blackpool Opera House.

Sally captured all aspects of our event from start to finish and we couldn’t been more pleased with the results. I would highly recommend Sally for both profile branding and to cover large scale events such as ours.

Jenni Nolan-Owens

Liverpool, UK, http://www.dancedesign-events.co.uk/

Working with Sally was a dream.  I got the best photos I have ever had and I have done a fair few shoots for my website.  It was like working with a friend.  She had lots of great ideas and I felt really at ease.  I was also three months pregnant and not feeling my best but when I got the photos back, I was surprised at how lovely they were.  I’d definitely recommend Sally, she has a natural talent and is very passionate.

Lydia Kimmerling

Ibiza, Spain, http://www.thehappinessexplorer.com

Sally took some photos of me in April 2019 and I absolutely loved the shots. Like many people I hate having my photograph taken, but I knew I needed some shots of me to help promote my business. Sally took the shots of me in my home and I actually felt very relaxed and we had a right giggle during the shoot. When I saw the photos I was over the moon, they captured the real me – always laughing – and I loved them! Since using the photos in my own marketing and across my social media channels, so many people have commented. Sally is a dream to work with, and I would recommend her to anyone who needs personal branding photography to promote their business.

Marie Carter

Kidderminster, UK, Queen Bee Communications

I’ve always been a bit nervous of having ‘head shots’ done for my business. I never want them to feel staged, I want to look like me so that my clients get a sense of who I am (and don’t have a complete shock that I’m not that polished person behind an iPad in soft focus)……but then I am also not that keen on having my photo taken, how should I sit? what should I do with my face etc etc….?!! Within minutes of spending time with Sally I knew that I was in the best of hands. Never has having my photo taken been such a pleasurable experience, it felt natural and was fun and I really felt like Sally was getting the ‘real me’. The photos that she sent to me afterwards were fab and just what I wanted and have had so many comments from people. I will definitely be asking her to do my photos for me when I next update my brand and recommend her to anyone and everyone who is looking to work with a talented photographer. Thanks Sally!

Emma O'Brien

Kidderminster, UK, http://www.emobrien.co.uk

I knew I needed to update my head shots but I kept putting it off as I thought it would be a painful process. I finally bit the bullet and asked Sally to take them. Sally was excellent. She listened to what I liked and didn’t like and we had a great time taking the photos. I had been worried I wouldn’t like them but instead I had trouble picking the ones I wanted from the many fab ones she had taken. When I look at the photos I feel like it’s me looking back. And for once it’s a rested, happy version of me and not the normal worn out one! I would definitely recommend Sally.

Claire McTernan

Coventry, UK, https://clairemcternan.co.uk/

I had a wonderful brand photography session with Sally where she put me at my ease and definitely made me the centre of attention. I felt like a VIP for the day. She was very patient and explained how she wanted to position the different shots. She also showed her understanding of the importance of her images telling your brand story. She doesn’t just take photos. The preparation we’d done in the run up to the photo shoot was so worthwhile. Sally had a clear understanding of my brand and the story I wanted to tell.
Ella Orr

Hinkley, UK, Much More Social

I commissioned Sally to produce for me a portfolio of photographs that I could use on my website and landing page. Sally travelled down to South Wales and spent several hours with me on the project. Sally was very professional in her approach, and the final product was everything I could have asked for. I have no hesitation in recommending Sally if you too require top quality photographs.

Dr Graham Bray

Sigingstone, Wales, https://sciencevideocourses.com/

I am so happy with the photos Sally took for me! She really took the time to understand how I wanted my photos to represent my personality and where I would be using the photos. Sally is really fun to work with and has loads of refreshing and creative ideas that meant the photos I had were in sync with the brand identify I wanted to create for my business! Will recommend Sally to my contacts!

Sarah Handley

Worcester, UK, Parent Tech Marketing & PR

I commissioned Sally to take pictures for my Facebook and for other social media. We had a great time shooting photos. Sally is very creative, focussed and fun to work with. She gets best out of you and captures in the images. I would highly recommend Sally.

Kajal Kumar

London, UK, http://www.clearskycoaching.co.uk/

Having just started out in business I knew that I needed some professional photographs of me in order to help promote the business. I don’t feel very comfortable in front of the camera and past photos of me are almost always with my eyes shut. So when Sally offered to do it for me at a Networking meeting I was rather reluctant. I need not have worried. She put me at ease straight away. Laughing and chatting so I didn’t really notice that she was taking photos. It didn’t feel ‘staged’ although It was I suppose as she was right in front of me with the camera. She made me feel at ease and comfortable and even gave me a few tips so I wouldn’t have an eyes shut photo again!! I was dreading the moment when she sent them through to view but I needn’t have worried. In fact I had trouble in choosing the ones to use as they were all so good. I would definitely recommend Sally.
Lisa Turner

Bromsgrove, UK, http://www.thewrinklyelephant.com