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If you’re looking for a Personal Branding photographer in the UK or Ibiza, then you’re in the right place!

I’m Sally, an ex Digit-Ninja turned Personal Branding photographer living between the UK & Ibiza.

I am passionate about celebrating you dream-chasers and difference-makers in all your perfectly imperfect glory through the power of scroll-stopping, authentic photography.

Capturing the personality behind the brand, empowering entrepreneurs just like you to get visible so you reach the dizzy heights of your dreams, never fails to fill me with utter joy as I understand first-hand the trials, tribulations and heart racing highs of running a passion driven business.

Meanwhile, over on the Sally Dreams blog.....

Kidderminster Autumn Mini Sessions

8I seem to have started my previous few posts with an apology for not having blogged in a while.  So I won't this time.  We'll just pretend it hasn't been yonks since I last wrote.  Deal?  Instead I'll start with OMG!! HOW IS IT ALREADY DECEMBER?  I am currently...

6 Tips for Teaching Your Child to Swim

Disclaimer :  In the spirit of transparency, these 6 tips alone will not lead to your child swimming Olympic level Butterfly #justsayingSo for those of you who don't already know, aside from being a family & personal branding photographer, I am also an ASA...

Ibiza : The Week The Sunshine and Sangria Wore Off

Ever had one of those weeks where you just wanna cry and hide from the world for no apparent reason?  Yep.  Me too.  And believe it not, those weeks even happen in Ibiza.  Whilst spending 10 weeks on this beautiful island is a dream come true in so many ways, and I am...