“So, Sally, describe your dream day” my Life Coach started.  I mean, could I really admit it would ultimately consist of a mammoth lie in followed by eating lots of (bad) food dressed in a onesie surrounded by my 2 cats?  Hardly aspirational!  This was going to be harder than I thought.  I wasn’t sure she realised quite what she’d taken on by agreeing to be my coach. 

You see I’m naturally quite a lazy mo-fo.  Dad once took me to the doctors because he thought there was something wrong with me as I always had to have a lie down after school.  I think Dad’s exact words were lazy scroat when the doctor signed me off as perfectly healthy. 

Anyhoo, this dream day thing stumped me.  What would it consist of? 

So once we’d discounted international Pop Star, bed tester and chief nacho taster, I mentioned that I was quite partial to taking the odd photo.  You see I’ve had a dabble with my “proper” camera at friend’s weddings and have even been asked to take photos of friend’s newborn babies but Pru’s always told me I’m nowhere near good enough to offer my services to people like a pro.  You see she thinks you need university level qualifications and to be artistically cool to produce the type of shots I dream of.  So I’ve always felt quite awkward and self-conscious with my camera, weighed down by imaginary expectation – if only I could be invisible! 

But Miss Life Coach had other ideas and the dream was born!  Best get the camera out………