Creatively Corporate or Corporately Creative?

Going back when friends used to compliment my photography and say I should do it more, the first thing to come out of my mouth was “Oooo, no.  I’m not creative/artistic enough”.  And I guess that was one of the (many) reasons I never gave it any further thought.  I’ve always been the academic one, the good-at-passing-exams one, the Accountant.  I have the same hairstyle I’ve had since I was 5 years old, and the thought of attempting a recipe if I don’t have 100% of the exact ingredients, in the exact quantities, sends me in to a mild panic.  So me and creativity have never really gelled.  However, embarking on this self discovery journey, I’ve been forced to question everything.  And you know what?  In reality, I’m not very corporate either, yet I’ve got away with that for nigh on 20 years….  Examples of  my non-corporateness (if that’s even a word!) include (but are not limited to) :  I once offered one of our company Directors a Chomp (THE CHOCOLATE BAR) and in an important audit meeting, I announced to a room full of Managers and Directors that my colleague and I had anal tendencies (to clarify, I meant we were anal i.e. we liked detail.  Nowt to do with anything biological.  Felt it important to clear that up!  Although each to their own and all that.  Lol!).  I’m that loud mouth in a meeting that can’t keep my opinion to myself no matter how much I say to myself “today, Sally, just listen and keep quiet”.  Nope.  Never going to happen.  Yet, in spite of that, I have succeeded.  Well, I do still have a job after all!  So it dawned on me that maybe you don’t have to be stereotypically anything to succeed at it.  Quite the revelation.  So watch this space…come next week I may have pink hair and a nose ring as I discover my inner-creative!

PS Although I have been on a top secret photography mission this morning (watch this space), I wasn’t sure what photos really matched this topic but feel I should be including more in my posts. given this is about my foray in to photography after all.  Therefore, I’ve included a few of my sister’s pooch, Bob.  As who could resist a few photos of a cute lil Shih Tzu.  You’re welcome 🙂  


bobs sad bobs shower running bobs

10 thoughts on “Creatively Corporate or Corporately Creative?

  1. Not sure about the pink hair and nose ring Sal but love hearing your views, its good to get them down on paper, I always feel I can express myself better on paper and good to hear the positivity and striking out with new projects, a brave move, proud of you Sal, you have been so strong and resilient and I am sure you will inspire a lot of other people who have battled against the odds and gone through sad times.
    By the way love the photos too of dear Bob. Love you. xx


    1. Awww, thanks. One step at a time though. Only just managing to find enough material for a once weekly blog post at the mo! Hahaha!


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