Dance Like No One’s Watching

So on Wednesday I had the absolute privilege of attending our Goddaughter’s dance lesson to take some photos.  To be honest, I was having a bit of a lull in confidence at the time as some photos I’d edited hadn’t quite been as good as I’d hoped and Pru had started to peck at my head a bit.  Therefore, when I was told the lesson was only 15 minutes long I went in to a mild panic as it can take me that long to figure out the settings on my blummin’ camera!  So, before leaving for the lesson, in prep, I got Mr W prancing round the lounge (minus tutu – he drew the line at that!), to practice my settings and left home feeling actually quite nervous.  But as soon as Martha started dancing?  OMG.  Everything just stopped.  My heart was literally bulging with pride – it was beautiful to watch and I found myself mesmerised, fighting back tears, feeling super emosh.  She was incredible.  So much so, I almost forgot to take any photos!  Watching the sheer joy in her face and the effortlessness with which she moved about the studio.  Simply stunning.  Her confidence and love for what she was doing was infectious. 

    IMG_5787_edited_edited   IMG_5797_edited IMG_5794_edited

And I tried to remember a time when I had felt that confident in my own skin, that care free, genuinely living in the moment.  And I couldn’t.  I don’t remember a time that I haven’t felt awkward and self conscious.  Plagued by comparison and self doubt.  And it makes me sad to think that it’s actually quite normal to feel that way as I know I am certainly not alone in those feelings.  But it gave me hope seeing Martha. That the next generation will be more comfortable in their own skin.  We have a duty to ensure they absolutely do.  And I’m going to take a very valuable lesson away from watching Martha:

Dance like no one’s watching and enjoy every blummin’ moment.

  IMG_5790_edited IMG_5809_edited IMG_5804_edited

Oh, and Martha’s little Ninja sister wanted in on the action too.  Cuteness overload!

IMG_5813_edited IMG_5820_edited IMG_5815_edited

Best photobomb ever!

14 thoughts on “Dance Like No One’s Watching

  1. Absolutely bloomin fab pics what beautiful girls! But also taken by a beautiful sally! Your words have touched me yet again and have found myself holding back a tear … why do we self doubt so much?! I shall be doing a ‘Martha’ this week it’s on my agenda!! Xxxx


  2. Amazing pictures! Seeing your photos remind me of the times at the drama group we went to when we were of a similar age, spending time doing handstands and cartwheels outside, with abundant energy! A very prominent memory for me! X


  3. Lovely read again Sal, I Feel sad you feel/felt so self conscious 😔. Your a wonderful, lovely, talented woman. Keep up the lovely writing and beautiful photos.
    Ps. Where are the photos of Mr. W prancing round the lounge?


  4. I obviously couldn’t hold back the tears when reading this. Martha was so proud to have you there taking her photo, I can’t tell you how chuffed we are with them, she’d be happy if you went along every week. Thanks so much again Sal, you are amazing, and should feel confident in what you’re doing now… it’s bloody awesome xx


    1. Awww, Nat, stop it! You’re making me weep! Thanks again for arranging it – I am so glad you like the photos. I enjoyed every minute taking them. And I’ll happily be Martha’s personal photographer, tracking her journey to super-stardom 🙂


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