So peeps, it’s that time of the year where the shops are selling all kinds of overpriced shizzle all in the name of Saint Valentine, that Roman Saint bloke responsible for a whole host of emotions on February 14th.  I spent my formative years swooning after boys who didn’t feel the same, singing along to my vast collection of Love albums.  So here’s a letter to my younger self about the trials and tribulations of luuuurve.

Dear Me,

As I write this, you are probably feeling all doom and gloom as you don’t have a boyfriend and didn’t get a card.  All your friends are probably down Medis with their boyfriends, sharing a pizza whilst you listen to Love Album volume 165.  Just like last year and the year before.  But believe me, you have enough love in your life.  You really don’t need a crumby card to prove it.  Here’s why.

Your sister?  She’s the greatest love of your life.  She will ultimately forgive you for analysing the telephone bill every month highlighting just how many hours she spends on the phone to her friends so Dad could deduct it from her pocket money, and she’ll one day laugh about the time you convinced her to exit the bathroom in France via the window resulting in her foot going through the toilet seat which she subsequently had to pay for.  Infact, she’ll actually choose willingly to travel to amazing places with you and you will make some incredible memories along the way.  Memories that will far surpass that naff cuddly toy holding a heart you didn’t get.

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And friends, you’ll always have great friends.  Some you already know, some you’ve yet to meet.  Some may come and go, but all will leave lasting memories.  And through the tough times ahead, you’ll have friends supporting you with far more than an overpriced Valentine’s gift.  They’ll support you with Prosecco and cocktails and that’s far better, believe me!

And as for boys?  Pah!  You will waste more time and emotion on them than you should.  So listen to me now, young lady.  Don’t ever let any boy make you feel like you’re not good enough.  There is no such things as leagues so ignore the bloke that tells you he’s in a different one.  But if there was?  You’d be premier league.  Fact!  (Plus, you’ll ultimately find out said bloke has dodgy taste in underwear anyway and that will make you feel a whole lot better).  Just know you will ultimately find the most kind, thoughtful, caring man possible who will love you just the way you are – flannelette PJs and all.  He’ll be there through some dark days and he’ll ensure you don’t live on cheese and biscuits for the rest of your life.  You actually already know him but I won’t spoil the surprise – it’ll be worth the wait, I promise. 


So, in the meantime, don’t waste a second more waiting for Mr Right – Live your life, travel the world, and cherish the relationships you already have as you’ll soon realise they are probably the most important of all.

Love me 

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