I have recently been looking at my reflection in the mirror and noticing a change.  I’m getting older.  The bags under my eyes are starting to resemble bags for life and I just feel grey. 

Now maybe it’s the time of year or a result of too much chocolate, but it has lead me to actually consider a skin care routine that consists of more than just a face wash and whichever moisturiser Home Bargains currently has on the shelf.  It’s time to bring in the big guns and purchase some industrial strength eye cream.  But as well as my appearance, I am noticing more signs that indicate I am in fact getting old:

1)     The joy I get being able to peg the washing out on the line.  OUTSIDE.  Getting in to fresh bedding that’s been blowing in the breeze all day?  Lush!

2)     Having not one, but a collection of bags for life as, no, I won’t be paying 5p for a plastic carrier thank you very much.

3)     Planning outfits based on whether I can wear a vest underneath because no one likes a draught, right?

4)     Being unable to lie in anymore.  Gone are the days when I could happily fester in my pit until lunchtime.  Now?  7am and it’s game over. 

5)     Seeing “youngsters” on a night out without a coat and shaking my head, wondering how they walk in those heels.

6)     Complaining the music is too loud in a restaurant/bar as “I can’t hear myself think”.  And having second thoughts if there’s nowhere to sit.

7)     When the best night out?  Actually involves not leaving the house at all.  And wearing a onesie.

8)     Classing 11pm as a late night. 

9)     Loving the school holidays – not because I get 6 weeks off work (I wish!) – but because the traffic is so much better and I get an extra 5 extra minutes in bed.  What’s not to love?

10)  When every pair of knickers in the drawer are big.  And comfortable.

I could go on but I fear I may be adding decades on to my age with every point!  Any other examples gratefully received in the comments below so I know I am not alone!  In the meantime, I’m off to listen to Radio 1 to inject some youth! 

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