This Vlog by the super successful blogger/vlogger, Louise Pentland, gave me a proper light bulb moment when I watched it.  I may not be a UN Ambassador or a best selling author, but it instantly resonated with me.  So much so, I felt compelled to write a blog post about it.  So (3 weeks later!) here goes.

For years I have downplayed my achievements.  It started when I left school at 18 to train to become an Accountant.  By 21 I was qualified yet, during that time, if I was asked what I did, I shied away from telling people, preferring to mention my part time job as a swimming teacher, particularly when talking to blokes.  I just thought it sounded less yawnsome given the perception attached to my career choice. 

Since then, I still feel a sense of almost embarrassment talking about what I do so, ultimately, I play it down: “Well I’m an Accountant but I don’t do accountancy stuff anymore.  I work with systems and projects.  Bit of a Jack of all trades, master of none really”.  I even feel uncomfortable telling people what brand of vehicle franchise I work for so I always keep it generic by saying I work in the motor industry for fear of sounding like I’m bragging.  WTF? 

So, when I watched this vlog, it hit me.  Why do I underplay my achievements?  Like Louise, I feel so passionately about gender equality and ensuring young girls know they can do anything they set their hearts on.  Yet me?  I struggle to even admit what I do for a job and who I work for!  Crazy! 

So, taking Louise’s lead, it’s time to unapologetically celebrate our achievements.  So here are mine – add yours in the comments below for some virtual high fives:

·        I was a swimming instructor for 10 years, qualifying when I was 18 years old.

·        I can out-eat most grown men;

·        I qualified as an Accountant by the age of 21 after passing all 14 exams first time whilst working full time and also part time as a swimming teacher;

·        I travelled the world for 7 months, totally self-funded, at the age of 24;

·        I am a qualified adventure diver;

·        I owned my own apartment by the age of 25;

·        I have a sense of smell that can rival any sniffer dog;

·        I was a landlady at 26;

·        I’ve run 2 half marathons;

·        I am Group Systems & Projects Manager for a prestige vehicle dealer group;

·        I survived a ruptured ectopic pregnancy and 5 rounds of IVF.

Time to share your achievements in the comments below so we can give you a virtual high five because (in the words of L’Oréal), you’re worth it!

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