Dear Joshy,

It’s been a week since we said goodbye and life just feels so much emptier now you’re gone.  My heart is still aching.  I miss your little face when I walk through the door, your silent meows, your overly erect tail.  I miss your warm furry body slugging out on me on the sofa at night, nudging me for more fuss, your nose kisses.  I miss you snuggling up to me in bed, tapping my face to get under the covers so you could nestle against me.  I am sad you are not currently walking over my keyboard as I try to write this, sad that I used to get frustrated by it when today I’d do anything for you to be getting in my way.  But most of all, I miss your unwavering, unconditional love.  You will never know how much you kept me going through the tough times.  Through the times I just didn’t think I could cope.  You were always there.  A constant.  A big, warm ball of fluff, who never tired of my company, always wanting to be with me, always making me smile.  Sleep tight, my beautiful boy.  You will always, always be in my heart xx


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