So the first week of 2018 is done, people.  For me, the first week of being unemployed / self-employed [delete as appropriate] and, to be perfectly honest, it was a weird one.  Not sure it’s quite sunk in that I won’t be going back to the day job.  Infact, at times I was itching to pop back just to check my e-mail.  What is wrong with me??  So I thought, as the first question everyone is asking me at the moment is “So what have you been up to during your first week?”, I’d share my week 1 with you all here on the blog.  It’s also a good way for me to check in with my productivity levels too as I’ve had to dig deep to answer the question if I’m being entirely honest!


Work attire

First up, I know you’re all dying to know what I wore this week, being the fashion and style guru that I am.  Or, perhaps more accurately, whether I actually made it out of my PJs.  Well, PJs definitely featured most days until at least lunchtime BUT I did manage to shower and put my tracksuit bottoms and hoodie on after that so y’know, my style credentials remain intact. However, note to self – need more tracksuit bottoms/loungewear! So hit me up with good recommendations if you have any.



Not going to lie, I smashed it on the exercise front this week #smugface.  I ran on Sunday, Friday and Sunday (OK, I know there aren’t actually 2 Sundays in 1 week.  Humour me), yoga’d on Tuesday & Crossfitted at 6am on Thursday and on Friday evening.  And yes, your eyes do not deceive you, it’s most definitely not a typo, I repeat : not a typo – I actually got out of my PJs when I didn’t have to and made it to my 6AM Crossfit session on Thursday.  WINNING!  I intend to keep up my twice weekly 6am Crossfit sessions as I find I start the day feeling far more energised and motivated.  Plus I read an article that pointed out that when asked about what an average day in their lives looks like,  most successful CEOs start their days with exercise so, hey, if that’s not a good reason to keep it up, I don’t know what is!  (I would include the link if I could remember where I read it so you’ll just have to trust me on this fact!).



As we all know, it’s bad luck to leave the Christmas decs up too long in to January and I’m all over that superstition.  2018 need only be about the good type of luck, thanking you kindly.  So on probably my most productive day of the week (i.e. THE 6am Crossfit day), I de-Christmas’d the abode and spring cleaned it to within an inch of it’s life.  I drew the line at hoovering Jack the cat, who spent most the day dodging the vacuum cleaner, but no other nook was left undusted.  And it’s funny, because back in my yoof, the only time I cleaned my bedroom was when I was avoiding revision.  So make of that what you will.  Lol!



My daily food intake consisted mainly of a breakfast of a boiled egg and soldiers, lunch of honey on toast peppered with the leftover Chrimbo chocolates in between before Mr W got home and cooked something nutritious.  However, I shall not be wasting away from nutritional neglect for much longer because I have relented and been seduced by the curly haired cockney, Joe Wicks, and have signed up for the 90 Day Bodycoach plan.  Which I started today but planned and shopped for on Friday.  I even did a spreadsheet to calculate my ingredient requirements, I really am missing them that much 🙁  I’m going to write a dedicated post about food and stuff so I won’t go in to too much detail about it in this post, but if you are remotely interested, I am posting updates of how it’s going via my Instagram Stories so head over there if you want to see what day 1 looked like.  Spoiler – it was GOOD!



So you’re probably wondering what I actually managed to achieve work-wise, right?  I’m guessing you were hoping to read more of me girlbossing the shizzle out of my first week?  Sorry to have to disappoint you on that one *hangs head in shame*.  The only work related item on this week’s list is that I have set up my Google Business page.  Which I think is quite a big deal for a technophobe like myself.  A skill actually acquired through Facebook scrolling last year – something I am quite the expert at, proving it can sometimes be quite useful (thank you, The Snap Society).  So what’s a Google Business page, I hear you ask.  It basically means if someone searches Sally Dreams (or, in the future, Kidderminster photographer etc) in Google, a more professional little page pops up showing my location, some photos, my opening hours and my contact details.  Try it – see what you think!  It’s also a place clients can leave reviews too which is v.useful – nudge, nudge, wink, wink 😉


So there you have it.  Aside from the usual excessive Facialbook and Instagram swiping – a habit I really need to curb – and the belated work’s Christmas do (I qualified as a guest as I’d worked all of 2017 so wasn’t missing out on that bad boy!), I did have a pretty productive week, just maybe not in a work kind of way :-/   I definitely need to work on that this coming week.

In other news, I am hoping to post blogs more than once a week going forward so keep your eyes peeled for those and I will be working on upping my game on Social Media too.  So let me know if there’s anything in particular you’d like to see me write about.

How was your first week of 2018?  Did you manage to make it out of your PJs before 10am?  I want to hear all about it!


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