The Priory waiting room.  A room Mr W and I spent far too much time sat in, waiting for all sorts of joyous appointments of poking and prodding and far too much bad news. 

The walls are adorned with various posters showing the stages of an embryo and various helpline numbers alongside the look-what-you-could’ve-won photo of a consultant surrounded by miracle children. 

And it’s in this waiting room that on a particularly depressing visit I met Kate. 

Normally people sit in silence, hands wringing in anticipation, with just tentative eye contact and half smiles – those knowing smiles of people who find themselves on the same unwanted journey.  But on the day I was to find out about the fate of my first nearly-pregnancy, I met Kate. 

Both awaiting our turn, we started chatting for a mere moment before we were whisked off to hear our equally disappointing news.  And on returning to the waiting room we hugged.  We were strangers but there was a connection that is hard to explain.  Cue a swap of business cards and an e-mail chain as long as the complete set of Britannia encyclopaedias.  

Since that fateful moment, aside from my amazing hubby, she’s been a real strength to me and we’ve shared everything from despair through to lots and lots of proper belly laughs.  

And so quite fitting that my first official photography assignment was the christening of her second miracle baby. 

You see, out of every heartache comes joy and for me it was being there capturing that very special moment.  And it cemented that THIS is what lights me up.